Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sonny's BBQ cornbread recipe?

Anyone know the recipe they use for their cornbread? It is sooo good. It's mini loaves of sweet, moist cornbread. It looks like there is corn kernels in it, too.

Thanks.Sonny's BBQ cornbread recipe?
I'm not familiar with that particular recipe, but it sounds like a few I've used. Most of them consist of half cornbread mix and half yellow cake mix with creamed corn as part of the liquid ingredient.Sonny's BBQ cornbread recipe?
sweet girl , i also love sonny's but they shut ours down years a go. checked all the copycat recipe sites on the net, could only find sauce recipe. my guess is they use a bagged mix some one custom makes for them. i went to allrecipes and there are several there to choose from, i would pick one that appeals to you and try it . good luck and good baking, bacondebaker.
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